Luci McWhor

Dr Lucinda McWhor MBBS RCGP PgDipDerm AFOM

Dr Lucinda McWhor is an occupational health physician and Senior Medical Officer at BHSF Occupational Health. She was a career GP and worked as an executive partner until 2019. During this time as a GP, she developed a special interest in dermatology and worked part-time, as a speciality doctor in dermatology, in a tertiary NHS hospital, inflammatory dermatosis outpatient clinic.  In 2019 came a change of career, and she left general practice to move into occupational health full-time.  She became a Senior Medical Officer at BHSF Occupational Health Limited in 2022. She has followed the CESR route and just completed her submission for specialist accreditation. She lives in Newcastle upon Tyne with her family and when not at work or on the side of a rugby pitch, can be found at CrossFit.

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