Martin Bricknell

Lieutenant General (Rtd) Professor Martin CM Bricknell CB OStJ PhD DM MBA MA MedSci

Professor of Conflict, Health and Military Medicine

Professor Bricknell was appointed as Professor of Conflict, Health and Military Medicine at King’s College London in April 2019. Prior to this he served 34 years in the UK Defence Medical Services, culminating his service as the Surgeon General of the UK Armed Forces. He undertook operational tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Balkans with multiple additional overseas assignments. In 2010 and 2006, he held senior Medical Adviser appointments in the NATO ISAF mission. He was awarded the Companion of the Order of Bath, the Order of St John and the US Bronze Star during his military service. He is an accredited specialist in General Practice, Public Health and Occupational Medicine. His multiple academic papers cover: how organisations learn, care pathways in military healthcare, military healthcare ethics, civil-military relations in health, and the political economy of health in conflict. He is also Deputy Director of the KCL Centre for Military Ethics, Veterans Adviser for the King Edward VII hospital, Editor-in-Chief of the Military Medical Corps Worldwide Almanac, a non-resident Fellow of the Centre for Global Development, and on the editorial boards for the Journal of Military and Veterans Health and BMJ Military Health. (193)

Recent publications:

Bricknell M and Story R. An Overview to Military Medical Ethics. Journal of Military and Veterans Health. 2022;30(2):7-16 at:

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Miron M, Bricknell M. Innovation in education: the military medical ethics ‘playing cards’ and smartphone application. BMJ Mil Health Published Online First: 28 October 2021. doi: 10.1136/bmjmilitary-2021-001959

Leone R, Whitaker J, Homan Z, Bandekow L, Bricknell M. Framework for the evaluation of military health systems. BMJ Mil Health. 2021 Feb 21.

Bricknell M. Evolution of First Aid Training in the British Army. Military Medicine. 2021 Jan 25;186(Supplement_1):808-813.

Bricknell M, Horne S. Personal view: security sector health systems and global health. BMJ Mil Health Published Online First: 30 September 2020. doi:

Bricknell M and Cain P. Understanding the Whole of Military Health Systems, The RUSI Journal, 2020; 165:3, 40-49. DOI: 10.1080/03071847.2020.1784039

Bricknell M, Hinrichs-Krapels S, Ismail S, Sullivan R. Understanding the structure of a country’s health service providers for defence health engagement. BMJ Mil Health. Published Online First: 04 June 2020.

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