C. M. Rathmalgoda, A. Webster, J. Harland

Transport for London Occupational Health, UK


In 2021 TfL occupational health established a Long Covid clinic for employees with lingering mild to moderate symptoms that have adversely affected their work outcomes.


To evaluate the effectiveness of a new Long Covid multidisciplinary rehab pathway.


The design of the study is an audit of clinical outcomes in patients assigned to the clinic between August 2021 and March 2022. All employees referred to occupational health for Long Covid were initially assessed by an OH clinician. Patients with persistent fatigue, breathlessness (NYHA dyspnoea score less than 3) and brain fog/mood changes were identified as potential candidates. The clinical pathway had specific inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Patients meeting the inclusion criteria were assigned to a three month course of evidence based covid rehabilitation by physiotherapy. Progress was assessed through a series of validated questionnaires (EQ5D5L, PHQ9, GAD7 and Workability score) with outcomes at 0 and three months.


A total of 69 patients were referred to the clinic during the time period assessed. 35 patients were still actively involved in the clinic at the three month follow up. Only 13 patients completed the full three month questionnaires. The results are currently being evaluated.


Whilst there has been a significant number of referrals to the Long Covid clinic with good engagement through the process, there is a significant lack of retention of employees over the three month period. Further analysis of the results will determine whether there has been a significant impact on health and work outcomes.

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