Zoë Healey

Zoë Healey, PhD, is Partner at Dot I/O Health, and the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) EMEA Director of Value. As an energetic strategic leader striving towards positive and equitable health outcomes, she focusses on multi-sector behaviour change programmes and purpose-driven, patient-centred strategies, narratives and advocacy.

In her work as consultancy Partner, Zoë supported development of the RCPI Faculty of Occupational Medicine’s advocacy strategy for occupational health and is currently supporting development and implementation of a patient engagement impact measurement framework for the pharmaceutical industry, and projects understanding, geolocating and reaching precise populations at-risk of specific viral diseases across multiple countries.

As a volunteer leader with the HBA, Zoë is responsible for strategic oversight of member value, which includes mentoring and networking, as well as education, events, and advocacy to accelerate transformative leadership in the healthcare ecosystem – all with the aim of advancing women into positions of influence and decision-making to improve health equity and outcomes.

Zoë achieved a BSc in biotechnology from Murdoch University, Western Australia, and a PhD from Imperial College, London. She has spent more than two decades working in consultancy across medical publishing, medical education, and health(care) public relations, marketing, business strategy and corporate relations and reporting.

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