Alice Rutter

Dr Alice Rutter is currently an Occupational Medicine trainee (ST4) at Salus Occupational Health in NHS Lanarkshire, working in both the NHS and private sector.

While at medical school, Alice completed training in Systems Mapping in Healthcare, which led her to pursue a Masters' in Public Health and advocate for systems-level changes from an early stage both locally and nationally, working with organisations such as the BMA.

To learn to influence positive change more effectively, Alice completed a Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellowship (2019-2020) based at the GMC. Collaborating with friends, Alice designed and delivered a primary research report, Good Conversations, Fairer Feedback, subsequently published by the GMC and now a key part of the organisation's approach to supporting equality and inclusion of trainees.

Through this work, Alice became even more determined to understand the fundamentals of effective policy design and delivery, and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to complete a Masters’ in Public Policy (Global Health Security and Human Rights) at the University of Minnesota (2020-2022). Alice’s focus during this time was on tackling complex multi-system challenges, and building and implementing collaborative solutions.

This systems-based and collaborative approach informs Alice’s approach to OH and this review.


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