Diane Keys

Diane Keys, Lead Occupational Therapist in Occupational Health.

Diane began work in Occupational Health over 13 years ago as a Lead Occupational Therapy Clinical Specialist providing functional and vocational assessment for Belfast Trust staff presenting with complex underlying health conditions.  She also assesses staff who are included in service level agreements with other health care providers e.g Northern Ireland Ambulance Service.  Diane completes specialist cognitive assessments, workplace assessments, vocational rehabilitation as well as job matching involving the matching of assessed functional ability against work demands informing adjustments for the workplace to maximise staff performance for those employees experiencing physical, psychological, cognitive, social and/or environmental difficulties.

Diane has a specialist interest in health and wellbeing within the workplace supporting staff within her role as a Health and Wellbeing Champion, a Neurodiversity Lead for the Belfast Trust and a senior manager.  She also leads a multi-disciplinary team completing post covid assessment and rehabilitation.


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