Susan Donnelly

Susan Donnelly is HM Principal Inspector of Health and Safety and the strategic and technical lead for Occupational Health within HSE’s Specialist Division, and has worked for HSE since 2001. Susan works closely with colleagues in the Specialist Division, operational teams, Engagement and Policy Division and Science Directorate; to plan and prioritise team and divisional activities; directing and participating in revisions and signing-off Approved Codes of Practise (ACoP) and guidance; agreeing enforcement benchmarks for Regulations, ACoP and guidance; providing expert witness.

Susan engages with HSE stakeholders to improve their understanding of occupational health and health surveillance in industry, to mitigate, where possible, the barriers to the implementation of health surveillance schemes, and secure legal compliance to promote the early identification of ill health, and review of control measures in line with HSE’s strategy; Protecting People and Places.

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