Sustainability Policy for Occupational Health 2022  

Mindful of the need to reduce the environmental impact of an in-person conference such as this, we have aimed to reduce, re-use and recycle for this event.

Our efforts include:

  1. Rather than having a Programme and Abstract Book, we are using the conference website as the vehicle for all reference information for this event, including the programme, copies of abstracts, biographies and photos of speakers, acknowledgement of sponsors and exhibitors. This significantly reduces the usage of energy, paper and inks.
  2. Participants’ badge holders are plastic, re-usable* and cleanable.
  3. Participants’ badges are made from FSC card which will be recycled*.
  4. We are re-using the lanyards from the 2019 SOM/FOM Conference which have been cleaned and can be recycled again*

*Please remember to hand your badge and lanyard back in at Registration before your departure.

  1. e) Delegate bags, pads and pens are not provided this time: participants are encouraged to bring their own.
  2. f) All documents printed by the Secretariat use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) materials
  3. g) We have designed our event signage to be re-usable, cutting down on single use items.
  4. h) We have chosen central locations within walking distance for this event – for accommodation and the social and main programmes. The main venue has excellent public transport links nearby.

We are working with our caterers to:

  • Use locally sourced, seasonal ingredients with known provenance, wherever possible
  • Provide non-bottled drinking water (no single use plastics)
  • Use crockery for all catering and drinks (no single use plastics)
  • Provide 50% of menu choices as vegetarian
  • Focus on food waste, so that very little is wasted
  • Use environmentally-friendly products whenever possible
  • Reuse and recycle wherever possible

As a delegate we are asking that you:

  • Travel by public transport where possible
  • Share lifts and taxis when public transport is not an option
  • Re-use towels and linen provided by your hotel
  • Refer to online information and don’t print off materials unnecessarily
  • Be mindful of waste and recycle wherever possible


For SOM’s Environmental Policy and Report documents, please refer to